Post Graduate Institute of Hospital Administration

(Peerless Hospital Campus)

Affiliated under MAKAUT

Rules & Regulations


Disciplinary Rules :

  1. Students must maintain strict discipline. Any form of misconduct is considered as punishable offence.
  2. Student  must attain 75% theory classes and 100% practical classes as per UGC/University norms to qualify for both internal and university examination.
  3. Each and every student should follow the dress code of the institute and must wear the identity card. Regulation shoes are also mandatory.
  4. Student must be present in the class well in advance to the schedule time table.
  5. Irregular attendance or habitual illness, neglect of home work, disobedience and disrespect to teachers and staff members justify expulsion from the Institute.
  6. Students should take utmost care of institute property and premises. Any kind of damage and/or theft to the institute property will have to be compensated by the student and /or parents, failing which the college will be compelled to take strict action.
  7. Semester fees must  be paid one month before commencement of classes.  This  ruleof the institution must be strictly followed by the students. Late fee will be charged by the Institution for delay in payment of semester fees.
  8. Any non  compliance with the above mentioned rules and regulations demands authentic explanation. Students failing to furnish any relevant documents explaining the cause of default will not be provided any assistance in  project/placement.
  9. Anti Ragging Policy to be strictly followed.
  10. As the Institute is located within the hospital premises where ailing patients are struggling for survival, students should not indulge into any activities which may hamper peace of the hospital zone.
  11. Students should participate in all the programs organized by the college.
  12. Students should also be abide by all the rules & regulations of UGC/UNIVERSITY, as prescribed  by them from time to time.Moreover students must also be abide by the instructions issued by the Principal time to time.

By Order

(Dr. Sachchidananda Sarkar)



Peerless Hospital Campus